MetaNet Investments

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MetaNet Investments

What are MetaNet Investments?

Recipient: Is the individual who makes an application on behalf of her/himself or representing a development, or other group, business or potential business.
Investors: Are the individuals who invest in a given (or many) investment opportunities, whether they are existing businesses, personal loans, educational projects, marketing or more.
Investment Manager: Are partially recruited by the ICU and partially recruited by the Recipient. They held initiate and conclude investments shadowing to a 3 month post conclusion date.

MetaNet Investments are globally crowdfunded individual, business or project based investments to recipients. Below you can find all current and old investments listed.

Creative minds are all around us, yet often they get ignored, or left behind. Often they don’t know how to connect up with the right people and get a project started, and most often they lack funding.

Minimize risk with many small investments.

In the traditional world financing for loans, businesses, and similar, is often done in a top-down fashion. Whereby most of the financing for the growth of the world is steered by the wealthiest. And this is in part due to security methods needed to protect people and that the technology for secure global crowd-funding style of fund raising hasn’t been readily available, until now.

Individuals, businesses, projects or similar that wish to apply for a loan need to be an ICU member of good standing, submit an initial fee and submit a completed application with relevant identification if applicable.

Capital for fullfilling loan targets is then sourced via crowdfunding methods from as many investors as defined and agreed upon within the recipients investment arrangement.

Maximize security with Metanet technology.

Our service provides you support to find the support you need. With our experiance and professional guidance, we can help you establish your business as either only using bitcoin as a means of payment and receipt, or depending upon your investment opportunity model, to integrate Metanet technology to a greater degree.

With Metanet technology built upon the foundations of Bitcoin we can offer more security recipients and investors alike. Never a full custodian of funds through use of multisig technology, able to process “slow release” to new unexperienced recipients of investment funds. And tiered amounts of investment availble to investors.

How it works?

  1. A potential Recipient reads the Terms of Service, Risk Assessment and Legals.
  2. A Recipient makes an Application.
  3. After any amendments its put up for public viewing and partaking.
  4. Potential investors, acknowledging the ToS, Risk Assessment and Legals, can then invest in opportunities of their choice.
  5. Investors can invest multiple times in the same opportunity if their risk tolerance and knowledge of the investment is good enough.

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