Welcome to the MetaNet Membership Club

Focused on BitCoin and the MetaNet
Education, Development, Businesses, Legal Bodies, Banks and Governments.


We cater areas where new developers can learn how to get involved in BitCoin and the MetaNet through varied developer onramps that are being built.


We teach businesses how they can integrate MetaNet technology to better streamline their business efficiency so that they can increase their profit margins.


We understand the need for and welcome government, and teach our members and associated devs and businesses how BitCoin and the MetaNet can better serve governments and their people.


The MetaNet Membership club sits as a Castle within the sector, from within you can get a pretty good sight of the land beyond and what’s happening from a primary source perspective.


BitCoin was engineered to exist within the international legal framework, and the MetaNet was created to enhance that international legal framework.


Banks were created to serve a purpose, and though corruption might have diverted that purpose somewhat, one aim of the ICU is to assist in re-enabling trust within the banking sector.

The Social Paradigm Shift

Our members are made up from the old and the new, developers, businesses, large and small industry miners, creators, builders, professors and more.

We have spent years gathering the brightest and best minds, and those with the courage to create, build and teach. Within the MetaNet membership you find a changing place of transcendent quality that enables you to connect with peers the world over, those who want to create, build, and teach.
Wether you need a business solution, a problem solved, peers to bounce ideas from, or simply to truly learn what BitCoin and the MetaNet is meant for and how it can be used, this is the place for you.

Our members learn about the connectivity of the world and how they can make use of this.
Our members learn the truth, the burgeoning power of the MetaNet, and the Light therein.

The MetaNet Era is upon us.

“BitCoin as money is just the first application, prepare for what comes next.”  
~ Joel J Dalais