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Bitstocks Gravity

Bitstocks is building the Bitcoin bank of the future, today!

Gravity is open to UK and Europe (excluding Germany and Switzerland) as the easiest and safest way to buy and sell Bitcoin (BSV), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) to and from GBP and EUR directly. Gravity offers cold storage of all assets for maximum security while the Gravity Introducers Programme allows you to share Gravity with your family and friends, and earn BSV off their transaction fees.

Bitstocks Gravity

Buy Bitcoin

Buy Bitcoin with a Credit or Debit Card and have your funds deposited straight into the wallet of your choice.



“There is no greater gift you can give yourself than the gift of knowledge.”
~ Joel Dalais

Choose the best education medium for yourself.

Gain a internationally recognized Masters Degree, read and study the words of Satoshi. Watch various discussions and interviews, or read through the official bitcoin wiki.

Craig Wright (Satoshi)

Dr Craig S. Wright shares his knowledge and wisdom with the world.

MSc Financial Technology

Gain an MSc in FinTech studies focused on BitCoin and the MetaNet.

Theory of Bitcoin

Join Dr Craig S. Wright & Ryan X. Charles as they traverse the various more complex elements of bitcoin.

Bitstocks Media

Listen through discussions and interviews as the Bitstocks media team tells it as it is.

Bitcoin Wiki

Read through the official bitcoin wiki, learn the ins and outs, expand your knowledge.

MetaNet TV

Watch through the interviews and debates as MetaNet TV brings you the faces of the MetaNet world.