Metanet Mentors

Metanet Mentors

These esteemed members are available for the wider public to discuss and speak at your virtual or in-person events. They have started businesses, projects, developed unique things for BitCoin, spoken at large, and studied the history and knowledge in this space.

You can reach out to one of our mentors through one of their social media presences, or by clicking the Send Request button below, this will send them a specific notification to the membership slack and they will reply to you as soon as able. Please make sure to check your Baemail for a reply. You will have to cover expenses if you would like our mentors to travel long distances to attend events.

Brad Kristensen

DevOps & STN Manager

Australia (Melbourne)


An accomplished high end programmer, developer and network manager. Leading large teams, he has brought bitcoin to its greatest heights.

Brendan Lee

Founder: Elas Digital

Australia (Brisbane)


One of the worlds leading bitcoin script programmers. Elas digital is bringing the worlds 1st most comprehensive digital government alive.

Joel Dalais

Founder: Metanet ICU

UK (South West)


Host of many interviews and talks, he has advised businesses, development projects, educational programmes and governments.

Donald Mulders

Founder: Dokkz



Founder, CEO and developer. With years of experience with project management from birth to launch and even more experience within the bitcoin sector.

George Siosi Samuels

Founder: Faiá

Asia Pacific


Pioneer and community builder, actively assisting governments within the Ring of Fire to adopt & facilitate bitcoin technology for the betterment of their nations.

Stephan Nilsson

CEO: Unisot



Leaders in supply chain management, providing analytics, IoT integration, data interchange, and more industry solutions suited for needs.

Will Devine

CEO: Repzip



Programmer, website designer, identity, security and privacy specialist for bitcoin and metanet technology. A leader and innovator in the bitcoin sector.

John Pitts

CEO: Structured Linguistics LLC

US (Mid-Atlantic)


Previously a nuclear submarine engineer and a technology-focused equity analyst, he now brings new projects and his vast knowledge to the sector.

Covering a wide range of topics

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