Membership Terms of Service

Rules & Guidelines
Read This Page Before Joining
AND Read Membership Explained
Management reserve the right to change at will

When you join, you agree to adhere to the following membership rules and guidelines. You agree that if you break said rules as listed below, or repeatedly break the guidelines you will either receive warnings (strikes), or be removed straight away. 

Membership Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, especially if a member has been removed from the ICU.

You CONFIRM you have read this page when clicking the MoneyButton when you join the ICU.

If you are unknown and/or a new member, you MUST register and self-identify yourself via MetaNet.ID
Your MetaNet membership will be restricted until you have identified yourself.



“If you leak anything from the Privileged areas of the ICU or from other sources, such as Medium drafts that are linked to in confidence in ICU exclusive areas. May result in you being removed from the ICU with potential legal repercussions.” ~ ICU


Thread replies when appropriate.

“When in Slack, ICU members are required to put their replies as a thread on the comment they are replying to. This helps everyone keep up on the topics they are interested in, without needing to read everything.” ~ RT


Not only do we discuss BitCoin and the MetaNet.

“We have rooms dedicated to education, politicsphilosophy, of orationmusic and many more. Or read deeply in our library, or maybe bring yourself to our developers hall where some of the magic happens.” ~ JD


No Trolling or Harrassment.

“If you need to ask what trolling or harrassment is this probably is not the place for you. Any members found trolling or harrassing other members will find themselves outside the ICU.” ~ ICU

MetaNet ICU Membership Rules

Think “Virtual Castle”, where the caretakers are willing to enforce rules. No abuse, trolling, harrassment. You can get up to 3 strikes, either 1 by 1 or all at once.

Forums & Channels

The MetaNet ICU exists to foster debate, technical discussion, education, and social cohesion without the abuse and trolling that is so prelevant in the traditional social media sector. Diamond+ members can request channels made for them in the Forums or Slack. Business+ members can request private/hidden Forum or Slack areas.

Mutual Respect

It is expected that peoples privacy is mutually respected. That what is shared in within the MetaNet ICU is shared in confidence. If you wish to share what someone said/posted/drafted, etc, then ask permission of the creator first!

Don’t Leak from the ICU

If you copy/pasting outside the MetaNet ICU without permission and/or for malicious reasons is likely a permaban and may result in legal action. We have an eye in most of the sector, we do watch for this kind of thing.

GDPR & Your Data

You have the right to cancel your membership and request deletion of your information. But if we suspect you have been using our services for criminal means, or breaking our Terms of Service (Rules & Guidelines) and legal proceedings may occur within the timeframe of the given law, we will keep such information as according to the GDPR.

Actively Participate against BitCoin or the Membership Club.

If you actively participate to the detriment of BitCoin and/or against this membership club, or you have been a strong proponent in actively trying to attack the membership club or BitCoin, your membership will be removed or denied. If the prospective member is truly repentful, we might consider accepting their membership. There is no set criteria for this, when in question this will be decided by management.


“Respect the ICU, its rules and other members,
and in knowledge alone you will be wealthy.”

While we expect this privacy we also can’t provide it 100% and our members acknowledge that, though we will enforce our membership removal policies in such situations at our leisure.

When in slack and discussing a particular topic use a thread.

Ask admins/moderators for #Conflict-resolution if you and your debate opponent feels the need.

When a discussion gets too heated consider self censoring before saying something you regret.


Strike Policy

No abuse, trolling, or harassment.
Respect others privacy, no doxing.
Do not share content from Slack without permission.
Not limited to these.

Management might give 1 to 3 strikes, give you a temporary ban,
or a permenant ban.


No Anarchists! No Anarchy!
BitCoin is capitalist.

The cries of “kill the government, destroy the banks!” are wrong and have been very detrimental to adoption. BitCoin is meant to help facilitate growth through adoption, and governments must play their role in this. The MetaNet membership club will tolerate no anti-government slogans, or hate. We are not in the business of anti-government rhetoric, and banks also serve many uses. We believe in anti-corruption, and better services provided, towards these ends are part of what we strive.



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Bitcoin was never meant for anarchy, it was never meant to be anti-gov, nor anti-bank. It was and is meant to provide stronger infrastructure to both and enable both types of entities to provide even better services to the respective people they are meant to serve (citizens or customers).

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The MetaNet ICU will tolerate no anti-government slogans, or hate. We are not in the business of anti-government rhetoric, and banks also serve many uses. We believe in anti-corruption, and better services provided by both governments and banks in an eventual MetaNet system whereby honest government can profit most and such governments citizens will profit alongside.

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The membership club also forbids other topics that are considered too political or sensitive. And members are prohibited from posting anything illegal in their own or that would be within the United Kingdom.