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Craig S. Wright

Welcome to the Library of Craig, where we have gathered written resources and videos from Craig S. Wright covering topics from Bitcoin, the MetaNet and beyond.

Academic Papers by Craig S. Wright

Bitcoin and Quantum Computing

This paper addresses recently raised concerns that
cryptocurrency protocols are not quantum computer proof,

Beyond Godel

In this paper, we start by defining the basic predicate systems used by Gödel in his logical constructions for the creation of a system of computable mathematics.

Random Forests in Decisions

A random forest algorithm is an ensemble of unpruned decision trees.

Proof of Work as it Relates to the Theory of the Firm

One of the little-known aspects of bitcoin is the nature of the proof of work system. There are many people, especially those who support a UASF

From Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash: a network analysis

In the last years, Bitcoins and Blockchain technologies are gathering a wide attention from different scientific communities.

The Quantification of Information Systems Risk

This thesis demonstrates information security can be modelled through a systematic integration of the human, system and software aspects of risk.

Articles by Craig S. Wright

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The Myth of the Full Validation Node

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Instant transactions

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Blockchain-Based Accounting: General-Ledger Posting

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Interviews, Discussions

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