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    Joel DalaisJoel Dalais
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    April Memberships are due!

    April Membership renewals;
    Diamond members of February/March = do nothing

    Gold members = demoted to silver
    either stay as silver/single-channel, or renew your gold membership for full slack access & VIP stuff, aka, 4x perma single-channel guests & priority of invites to things, which isn’t really enforced at this time, but in due time it will be)

    Silver members = demoted to bronze
    retains basic forum access, you do *not* get single-channel guest slack spot at bronzer unless you get in via one of the 4x invites from a Gold member).

    Bronze members = demoted to subscriber
    you lose forum and member access and status as a subscriber.

    Renew via the forums (if you want the slightly cheaper gold renewal)

    IF you change from a Silver/guest to a Gold member and you are already in Slack = please tell a moderator so we can change you to a full member.
    Issues, etc, thread it or pm me (preferably thread it if MB issues so we can tackle it).

    Please feel free to post in this thread if you wish to check what your current membership status is at

    MrGJohn Goldberg
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    marqueeMarquee Mark
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    So, what am I?

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    I can’t figure out where to go to upgrade from silver to gold. I could have sworn there was a moneybutton for that but I now I can’t find it. Can someone point me to it please? Thank you!

    Joel DalaisJoel Dalais
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    bronze only gets you the very basic forum access

    with silver you can see the gold discounted (£9.80) and diamond (£27.50, three months) membership buttons (after reloading the forums once you paid your silver).

    otherwise the gold/join can be found here – https://metanet.icu/join-membership/

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    What am I?

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    I see. I had not internalized the fact that memberships renew on a fixed monthly schedule rather than a rolling schedule. Thanks Joel.

    DanielR it your status appears to be “Non-Member” ATM.

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    What is my Status ?

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    Checking my membership status.

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    Check status!

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    greetings 🙂

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    Hi Joel

    I just now renewed my gold membership. Had issues with MB. But for some reason it works on my phone.

    Can I get a link sent to my email address or something to re-activate my metanetICU slack access?


    Joel DalaisJoel Dalais
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    already reactivated you the other day, and just made you full again, remember to rejoin channels!

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    What am I?

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