MetaNet Raffle

To enter & buy a ticket simply click the Raffle Ticket moneybutton below.

1st Prize = An Oculus Rift 
2nd Prize = £100 in BitCoin
3rd Prize = £50 in BitCoin

Runners up prizes = 10x Silver tier memberships

The Winner

After all tickets have been sold and the drawn done the winner shall be announced here.

Please read the Terms of Service for more details. By clicking the Moneybutton below and buying a ticket you are affirming that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service.

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1st place

TICKET NO: Drawn when all 150 tickets are sold.

2nd place

TICKET NO: Drawn when all 150 tickets are sold.

3rd place

TICKET NO: Drawn when all 150 tickets are sold.

Please read our
Terms of Service

Raffle will not be drawn until all 150 tickets are sold.
You must be 18+ years old.
Tickets are non-transferable.

Please note: If raffles, or gambling that covers raffles, is illegal in your country or state, then please do not participate. If you have illegally participated your ticket will be made void.

No Refunds.

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Click the Moneybutton below.

Your transaction ID, which is also your raffle ID, is shown at the top, and after a confirmation (avg 10 minutes) the timestamp of your purchase will appear. You can also use the Download Receipt to have a pdf copy that you can print out.


Navigate to the lower right and click the Decode button.

You can count the number of tickets sold either by checking the number of transactions received at the following address;
You can consider this address as a ticket counter.

Or you can see the latest number of the ticket sold below.